Rowing, Rowing, and More Rowing

Hi my name is Caitlyn and I'm a rower and a coxswain. See you at the finish line

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Nothing compares to the moment you prove to your coach you’re better than they thought you were.


Then I realize that it would be inconceivably different. My friends from both high school and college, would be different, I probably wouldn’t even attend the university I’m at, I might have never gotten back into sports, I never would’ve met my coach - one of the most amazing and intelligent guys…


100% into everything guys. I won’t accept anything less. And neither should you! 💪

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Strive to be a great coxswain, not just a good coxswain. Of all the coxswains in the world, 50% are just plain bad, 30% are decent, 15% are good, and only 5% are great. Strive to be great.
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You’re looking like a drunk spider out there!